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JOMAD Jeans If you are looking for the best designer jeans for women, look no further than JOMAD Jeans; located in NYC. We offer fits and styles matching whatever season you find yourself in. VAGABOUND - a high waist or midrise jean with optional distressed or ripped elements. You can get skinny ankle or even a zipped ankle on these Jeans. We also have our DRIFTER model. These are athletic fit jeans- and simply the best fitting for women. These designer premium stretch denim provide unrivaled comfort and slim fit on these jeans. The color variety is amazing as well; Interested in destroyed skinny jeans? Check. High waisted flare jeans? Check. Designer ankle grazer jeans? Of course. We have all the designer inventory if you ever choose to buy jeans. If you are vertically challenged, we have jeans for short women. If you are taller, look no further than our long, high waisted fits. Our rebound denim is among the most comfortable and provides women with the best fitting jeans. They have a skinny fit jean, and the denim fits slim and snug. We are located in New York City, but don't Hesitate to visit our store online.

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