FreePrince Coding


FreePrince coding

Click to enlarge the images. Images are ordered by date showing the improvements.

First time it ran: this shot was taken in a thin client X but remotely running from erdos. It was at the Engineering College of the University of Buenos Aires in the Lugfi Symposium. After the Symposium, with my PC back at home, I have been playing a bit with the first working version The presentation. Taken in laboratory 14 at the university. Trying to run the game with out valgrind. The first room drawing Compared with dosboxed version Fixed some positions and tile drawings Color bugfix in the output library Most of the wall generating algorithm coded Doors working Monochrome resource reading from potion animation coded Windows port. Choppers coded GNU/Linux: added spikes and hit points FreeBSD: added the dead state Click to enlarge the images. The first IRIX compiled version of the game

Dealing with the compiler Second screen

Click to enlarge the images. The first FreeBSD compiled version of the game

First run Compiled again with make build Playing a bit System information Click to enlarge the images. Shadow of the Castle using FreePrince Engine. First screen Potions do work in newer versions Exit doors are open by default Playing a bit Playing more First FP 0.4 shot: SOC Titles Shadow of the Castle, level 1 Level 5, jumping. Potions do work now.