Here you have some PV3 screenshots, enjoy it!

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The first shot ever made Level 1 :) A dungeon shot Level 6 falling Level 6 right ending Added red lines to separate screens

Here you have some shots taken during the PR development

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Visual C++ compatible Testing a vdungeon.dat after been extracted and imported back again PV3 under Linux A normal development scene ;)

Freeprince current work

Those are the last things we came up. The first was the first time the kid ran and the second is the current status of the project.

image image image image

Shots of Record project

This is one of the older project(written in Pascal) which is still alive. It can record a movie from the game. image

Before the recording you have to set up few options :) Shot taken during development, old 286 instructions are needed Example frames grabbed in ruin level Fighting with birdmans

Here are shots taken during the PoPRecog development

What this tool is for? It can recognize objects(unpacked from the game using PR) on screenshots(taken using Record-er). PoPRecog return you the object name, position, layer and if it is mirrored or not.

Just compiling ;) Swords problem Recognizing cinematics elements Great! First time sword recognized without erros Windows segmentation fault error ;) Testing again... Picasso debug ;) Another picasso test of fighting with Jaffar ;) PoPRecog can recognize what is below another object! Screenshot taken on my new PC, funny talk below :)

Here you have some shots of the Steven Fayers last posted material

With original levels.dat. Click to enlarge the images

image image

With Level set 8, optimized for those graphics

image image image image

Shots of the editors I've found

RoomShaker 1.67

image image image image Princedit. Used to create POP 4D

image image


image image

PV1. Used for developing purposes

image image


image image

Website Edition

Yes, I just like screen-shooting everything I do.

image image image image

Adding LZG to PR

It took more than a year to get this, so it deserves to be screenshotted.

nice try checking the algorithm valgrind testings ate my CPU 6 hours later it worked, and the files are smalled than the original!