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Short description

POPRecog - Prince Of Persia Screenshots Recognizer.

This program can recognize bitmaps on screenhots. It can "tell" you what is the frame order in animation, what is the pixel position of bitmap, what is the layer number and if this bitmap is "mirrored" or not. It's mainly for developers, but everybody can use it.

To start using this program you first need some screenshots and graphic to recognize. You can made screenshots them using another tool POPRecord (This program capture and record the animation generated by all the frames when you play Prince of Persia and save them to disk). Using PR you can unpack from dat files some bitmaps to recognize.

Technical info

POPRecog was made in ANSI C for Windows 95/98/98SE/XP and Linux.

POPRecord was made in Pascal for Windows 95/98/98SE and Windows XP using DOSBox

Both programs work in console mode.


Currently binaries for POPRecog were not made. You can explore CVS tree here (dead link)

To download POPRecord binaries use this link. You can explore the latest source code files here (dead link)


Those tools were made by one of Prince Of Persia 2 fan, peter_k

His email is placed in programs readme files.