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Personal info

Name: Piotr Kochanek

Nickname: peter_k

Location: Gdynia, Poland

My websites: My biggest php project, polish catalogue of scouting sites (dead link) My old site about Prince Of Persia 2: The Shadow And The Flame (dead link) Scouting database, not working yet (dead link) Old scouting database (dead link)

Hobbies: coding, sometimes webmastering & graphic, learning(math & computer science only; not physics, german, polish, history, biology, geography, chemistry, wos, wok etc :D), Prince Of Persia 2&1 (but not the newer versions), riding on bicycle etc

Status: Active princed developer (POPRecog, POPRecord, Prince Of Persia 2: The Arena)

A bit about...

I was born in 1986 in Gdansk. When i was young i have moved with my family to Gdynia, which is near the Baltic sea. My first computer i've get when i was 14 (so quite late). But in short time my knowledge about them grow up, i've doing lots of html excercise, after two years i've start coding in Pascal language, next for the today i've start coding in ansi c. The most interesting thing for me is not webmastering but coding.

Why Prince Of Persia is one of my favourite games? The first and most important reason is that beside of it's age it's still very playable and interesting! It was one of the first game which i was seeing/playing in school and friend houses. This is also my first game which i have bought (i haven't computer then) My first pop project was Prince Of Persia 2: The Arena. After that i've made two coding tools. The first is POPRecog, to handle the animations from the game to several bmp files. After it i've made POPRecog. This is the one of my first applications in which code is clear ;) It was made mainly for help in freePrince animations coding. Of course beside of Prince Of Persia projects i've made a lot of other programs like 2d platform game, 10x10 round&sharp game, program for my physics learner which demonstrate the plot throwing (for better mark) and a looot of other smaller programs.

The most dramatically thing in my life happened in summer 2005. In friday 13th i've fall from very big swing in the forest (the line broke up). Fortunately nothing more than brain impact not happened, but i don't know what will be in future.

Now, in two months time i'll start studying Computer Science at Gdansk University Of Technology (dead link) in Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics faculties. So i have to learn & learn :| :)