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[[wikipedia:Jordan Mechner]],
[[wikipedia:Jordan Mechner|Jordan Mechner]],
[[pop collection]],
[[pop collection]],

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Welcome to the centralized Prince of Persia wiki

The idea is to have ALL the existent information about the game here.

The url will be changed very soon to wiki.princed.com.ar. For the moment this is an alpha version of the wiki. Please feel free to add things.

The skin will be changed too.

Sorry about the speed, I have a Pentium 233 as the server. I'm planning to buy a 64 bits computer to replace it, this will take only some weeks.

Todo list

We won't launch the wiki site until at least those articles are a bit written, just to avoid that new users run away when they see there is no content yet.

Cathegories must be created too

It is valid to copy articles from wikipedia just as an initial start page, then we can turn the subject mor pop oriented.

So please start writting some pages ;)

Links Fan Sites, Official Sites (please someone to copy that from any fan site link page), Related Sites (idem), Gaming projects...

Games Prince of Persia 1, 4d Prince of Persia, Prince of Persia 2, Prince of Persia 3d, Prince of Persia sot, ww? others?

Useful Stuff editing dat files, level editing, dat file format, princed project, modding (programmer, your page ;) )...

Projects freeprince, PR, PV3, poprecog, poprecord, RoomShaker, POP Tools...

Information database pop1 releases (platforms, etc; it's in lots of fans pages), download, forum, wikipedia:RSS, wikipedia:GForge, wikipedia:SourceForge, lugfi, wikipedia:Freenode wikipedia:Shell, wikipedia:UNIX, wikipedia:Cross Platform, free software, wikipedia:Computer Gamming, EGA, VGA, 320x200x256 VGA mode, CGA, TGA, wikipedia:Apple, wikipedia:MS-DOS, wikipedia:Amiga, wikipedia:Atari, wikipedia:Br??¸derbund, wikipedia:Ubisoft, Jordan Mechner, wikipedia:Karateka, pop collection, pop1 making (take from collection CD or TJ's page), princed history (todo: ecalot), pop1 history (someone to write or copy this?), developers (developers: please add yourself here), about princed project, irc howto, screenshots (any volunteer?)...

Add more...

How to edit


Editing here is easy, but please, register a username, and log in. I recommend to create your own username article with a bit about you, that's cool. Registered users may become admins I think, I have to figure out how this site works.

Language stuff

The site language may be configured in your user preferencies. The articles in other languages may be created with the right preffix until I find out how to install one wiki in two or more languages.

Example: Main page in Polish could be pl:Main Page.

External Help

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.