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Personal info

Name: Enrique Calot

Nickname: Poirot

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Personal webpage: [1]

Hobbies: coding, math, pop, unix, teaching

Status: Active princed developer (FP, PR)

A bit about...

I was born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 5 moved 3500 km away to an island between the altantic and the pacific called Tierra del Fuego. I've lived there in a small city called Ushuaia -the southermost city in the world- for about 14 years. After getting my Humanities Bachelor degree at Colegio Nacional de Ushuaia I went back to Buenos Aires to start my University studies.

I started laws at the University of Buenos Aires but changed, after a year, to Computer Science at the Engineering College in the same university.

Inside the university I've improved my coding skills and I had my first approaches to the free software movement.

That has been the most productive period of my life, I've made lots of works and learnt lots of things. It was there when I started with the princed project, at the beginning with the map reversing and the coding of an editor (PV1). The project has grown a lot and now is a collection of lots of projects from several people.

During my univesity carrear I've been teaching in the Algorithms and programming II subject and I've been actively participating in the College free software users group from whom I have given talks in their Symposium.

During my life I've learnt several skills like coding, data base managing, unix administering, webmastering and more stuff.