Chomper v. chopper

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Chomper v. chopper goes into the usage count and difference between the words "chomper" and "chopper" that are both used to describe the metal jaws used in PoP1.

PoP creator Jordan Mechner calls it a "jaw" in (pages 23 and 24 of) his Technical Information document.

Usage count

As of 5 September 2014, searching the Princed Forum gives 78 matches for "chomper" and 9 matches for "chopper", and "grep -i" on the HTML files of the PoPUW forum archive at PoPOT has 58 matches for "chomper" and 44 matches for "chopper".


  • Chop: is a blow with a cleaver or similar utensil.
  • Chopper: an informal nickname for helicopter (Get to the chopper!), and a type of customized motorcycle.
  • Chomp: the act of chomping.
  • Chomping: to bite/chew/munch loudly or heavily.