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Tutorial 1 : (Tutorial created by mk1995)

1) Extract the archive you downloaded from the link above into a folder you extracted Prince of Persia 1 into where you’d like to have the resource files extracted.
2) If you just try to open “pr.exe” like that, it’ll close immediately again. You’ll have to use the Command Promt. Open the Start menu, select “Run…”, type in “cmd” and confirm.
3) Hopefully you have knowledge about DOS commands, so move to the Prince folder you have your “pr.exe” file inside. Now, type in “pr.exe”.
4) To export all of the resource files into something editable, write “pr -x
5) Wait as the *.dat files are being extracted.
6) Edit them as you please.
7) Once you're done editing, do the same as you did in step 4, but replace "-x" with "-i".
8) You successfully edited your *.dat files now! Should something be not as you wanted it to be, repeat steps 4 through 7

Tutorial 2 : (Tutorial created by programmer)

Search YouTube for "Prince of Persia PR compilation & usage" watch?v=N0Fp2rGiDEs

Tutorial 3 (Created by ???)

Accessing the shell Windows 9x/ME

To access the shell, you need to navigate to the Start menu and then Run, then type command. This will launch a DOS-like command prompt. Windows NT-based

Press the keys Windows logo and R simultaneously and type cmd in the window that shows up. Linux

If you are using Linux, you probably know how to launch your terminal application. Mac OS X

To open shell window on Mac OS X, click the Spotlight button at top right of the screen, type Terminal and press Return. PR usage

I assume you are using Windows XP and know the basics of it and also know how to use DOS. Where I marked with bold, replace it with whatever you want it to be.

1. To use PR, click on Start and Run. Type cmd. 2. Change to your PR directory. 3. Type PR -emickey D:\games\prince\*.dat 4. Wait for it to extract. 5. Start editing with your favorite tools!

Roomshaker Tutorial(s)

Tutorial 1 (Created by ???)

  • POPLM.CHM – help file for Prince of Persia Level Manager
  • POPLM.EXE – Prince of Persia Level Manager
  • RoomShaker.chm – RoomShaker help file
  • RoomShaker.exe – RoomShaker executable, the most important file
  • and few other unimportant files.

In this tutorial, we will only use RoomShaker, so open its executable file. A Setup window should appear.

RoomShaker setup window

You have to choose LEVELS.DAT and PRINCE.EXE files location. Click on the Browse button and navigate to your Prince of Persia installation directory and chose them. After setting it up, click on OK button to continue.

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